Copywriting Marketing For Your Business

copywriting marketing

Writing Marketing Copy That Sells

In 1970, 500 ads were seen by the average American per day,
today it can be over 4,000 ads per day. And this is why copywriting marketing should be on your radar. 

If you want to grow and maintain your customer involvement.

Persuading people to convert is what copywriting marketing is all about. Getting your future customers into the fold. Then keeping them there.

Sales and retention.

That is what we can help you with. Because you most likely don’t have the time or the experience to write what needs to be written.

And let’s face it every business requires a strong and stable marketing department in order to expand their business.

Copywriting Marketing Projects For You

Here is a list of our strong suits:

  • Site Content Audit and Report – A comprehensive analysis and diagnostic report of your company’s website user-friendliness and effectiveness across all elements and pages and posts of the site – how the copy reads, flows, and guides your site visitors. I will identify weaknesses and opportunities to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lead generation, user experience,
    and sales-conversion results.
  • Blog Posting – An ongoing account of information, opinions, tips, best practices, and other ideas that you have in mind. Blog posting provides useful information for your customers focused on their problems, questions, and needs. 
  • Home Page Content – The home page of your website welcomes your visitors and prospective customers. It should differentiate the site/service from all others in the category, and provide highly useful information with links to other pages on the site.
  • Lead-Gen Landing Page – A short, concise, single-focus web page designed to bring in leads through a persuasive offer. The offer typically includes a free report, free subscription, free demo, or other valuable “freebie.”
  • Stand-Alone Email – Email is still a significant way to communicate with your prospects and clients. People usually welcome emails from companies
    they like and trust.
  • E-Newsletter – A daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter sent via email from a company to their customers and prospects to build, maintain your relationship with them and possibly sell them a little more Harvard Business School found that on average, a 5% increase in customer retention rate (the measurement of loyalty) results in a 24% to 95% increase in profits.
  • Autoresponder – Also called part of your sales and/or marketing funnels – this email series is sent in response to an e-newsletter, landing page, inquiry, or purchase. Contains carefully crafted persuasive sales copy that leads to deepening customer relationships and possibly driving a follow-up purchase,
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – An organized collection of questions and answers your prospects and current customers frequently ask about your company, product, or service, generally in the areas of “how it works,” technical support, customer service, and sales. Prospects and customers might look for FAQs posted on your website to find instant answers to their burning questions, anytime, without having to talk to a salesperson.
  • Social Media Management – Maintaining an active presence on social media – from Facebook to Twitter. Posting, monitoring, updating, responding, and participating on a daily basis will grow your audience and generate leads, facilitate community participation, and increase your sales and revenue.

I really believe I have what it takes to persuade your future and current customers to spend their money with you through copywriting marketing.