How To Persuade Your Customers

How do you sell to or persuade your present or future customers to buy your service and or your products?

From the get-go, you should be leading them down that well mentioned ‘Sales Funnel’ that for the most part consists of:

  • Blog post
  • Online ad
  • Landing page
  • Email
  • Sales page

Step by step, brick by brick, you lead them to what you most want.

A sale.

Here is a sample of a typical sales campaign:

Copywriting Sample

Click on the link below for a campaign assignment you would or should go through to obtain and sell your customers. Do you have the time and training to do that?

Your Assignment-Campaign-PDF

How about planning for what could be an expensive Google ad?

Ads are meant to drive a click. You must entice a prospect to not only click on it but also take action after the ad gets your customer to the next piece of the puzzle. Or you just wasted your money for that click.

Check this out:

School-Age Programs|SAT Prep Courses

Sat prep programs for high school sophomores. Study online and improve scores Online registration for sat prep programs Courses are open to all schools students Learn more.

That’s a pretty bland ad for SAT training.

Let’s fix it up a little bit:

SAT Prep Courses|Improve Your Score|Be Ahead of the Game

Don’t wait! Improve your SAT scores by easy online studying now. These important programs are open to high school sophomores today. Click here for registration.

Results? A little more urgent (do it now), stated usefulness (higher scores), and unique online study option. All within Google’s required space and character counts. Very important.