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AI’s Role in Customized Content Creation

Leveraging AI for content creation

To AI or not to AI is the question.

There is a new curse word-phrase on the net today called “scraping the internet.”

Used mostly by owners and developers of writing courses and digital marketing strategies companies. All are fearful of what AI is going to do to their livelihood.

They rightly claim that AI scapes the web, regurgitating used content to be used in ‘new content.’

Now I don’t know about you, but when I need to find facts for new content, I don’t whip out my Encyclopedia Britannica.

I ‘scrape the web.’

We all do.

So why not get some help from the robot who can do the same scraping in seconds?

The problem with writers/freelancers is the temptation to copy and paste. That would be a ‘no-no’.

A year ago, I would do my research and put my spin and possible experience on that old regurgitated content, just like everybody else.

And that would take hours.

Please tell me where you got your information. What did you scrape?

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